PET-4 Hand Test Work Station

PET-4 M Work Station
PET-4 M Work Station
PET-4 M Work StationPET-4 M Work Station with Chiller

The next generation of Prototype Engineering Work Stations (PET), designed for the hand testing of individual electronic devices under controlled conditions. The PET-4 features Exatron's direct contact Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH) allowing a full temperature range of -55°C to +155°C. (-75°C to +175°C hardware capability) There are two base models: (See below for shared features.)

PET-4 M - Manual Work Station:

  • Manual buttons toggle WRTH left/right and up/down motion.
  • Manually adjusted air pressure control.
  • No computer or software required.

PET-4 C - Computerized Work Station:

  • WRTH raises/lowers automatically over test socket with the push of a button.
  • Added cylinder moves WRTH side to side.
  • Dual start switches, requires two hands to start test.
  • Requires PC or laptop with 2 unused USB2 ports. (Sold separately)
  • Robust automation software:
    • Set and monitor temperature.
    • Control soak timer.
    • Start test switch and pass/fail indicator.
    • Control test socket pressure. (Requires regulator, sold separately.)
    • Test and temperature data log standard.
    • Intuitive diagnostic and service screens.

Shared PET-4 Features:

  • Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH).
  • -55°C to +155°C minimum working temperature range. (-75°C to +175°C hardware capability)
  • +/-0.5 degree  temperature control.
  • No fluids required. (See WRTH data sheet for details.)
  • Built-in purge cover for thermal head and test socket.
    • Allows placement/removal of devices without thermal head having to heat/cool to room temperature.
    • Greatly reduces dead time between tests.
  • Purge requires dry, clean air. (Air dryer sold separately.)
  • Includes on set of thermal head tooling, designed to match a specific device and test socket.
  • Attached chiller sits on floor behind or on the side.
    • 6 ft (2 m) hose runs from chiller to PET-4.
  • Direct mounting to DUT board available. (See PET-5.)
  • Meets or exceeds all known ESD specifications.
  • Built-in ESD wrist strap attach points.
  • Built-in quick-disconnect air fitting for optional vacuum wand.
  • Designed, manufactured, and built in San Jose, CA.


SizePET-4:    14" (36cm) W, 18" (46cm) D, 24" (61cm) H Chiller:   15" (38cm) W, 20" (51cm) D, 21" (53cm) H
Power120 or 240 VAC, single phase (PET-4 and chiller)