The Exatron Advantage

Ingenuity. Adaptability. Longevity.

Since 1974, Exatron has created hard working, well made, reasonably priced equipment designed to evolve with our customers’ needs.

Our flexible standard building block concept allows the widest variety of system configurations possible.

Our unparalleled customer service offers full support of all products past and present.

Our adaption of emerging technologies keeps us on the leading edge.


Complete, Fully Integrated Systems

Exatron automation seamlessly integrates with our extensive library of standard in-house and OEM building blocks to create complete programming, testing, handling, and laser marking systems.

Building blocks include:

  • Handling methods:
    • Gravity feed
    • Pick and place
    • Rotary
    • Walking beam
  • Input/output options:
    • Tape and Reel
    • Tube
    • Bowl Feeder
    • Bulk
    • Magazine
  • Laser markers:
    • Solid-state
    • Fiber
    • Diode
    • CO2
  • Hot-Cold-Ambient testing from -55°C to 155°C (+300°C special order)
  • Machine vision:
    • Pin1 location, orientation, and position
    • OCR/OCV laser mark inspection
    • 2D/3D lead/ball inspection
    • 1D/2D barcode/matrix read/verify
    • Top and/or bottom side vision
  • Label printers
  • Software:
    • Generated in-house at Exatron
    • Extensive, easy to use diagnostics
    • All software adjustments saved in unique JOB files
    • Database management integration
    • Custom multiple media solutions
    • Easy to understand error messages, no error codes
    • Remote service and updates via Internet
  • Contactors and Test Sockets
    • Particle Interconnect (PI) contacts and interposers
    • BeCu leaf spring contacts built to order
    • Repairable spring probe sockets
    • High Pot test sockets
    • Unique MEMS socket solutions
    • CSP chipscale sockets
  • Extensive third party programmer support

In-house Machining

Fabrication of most handler components occurs in our on-site machine shop, equipped with 10 Mazak CNC machines, a precision water jet cutter, and an eight person staff.

This ensures quick turnaround on machine parts and control over nearly every step of handler production.

Here’s Machine Shop Manager, Jim Mori, discussing some the equipment used in our shop:

(credit: AutoDesk Manufacturing)

Commitment to Excellence

After 40 years of building customer partnerships, Exatron remains committed to continually striving toward the highest standards for our products and services.

We enjoy the challenge of designing custom equipment for unique applications and are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Exatron promises to provide the following to each and every customer:

  • Technical expertise
  • Dedicated, individualized customer service
  • Flexibility  and problem solving
  • Consistent, reliable results


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