What’s New at Exatron

Benchtop Temperature Forcing System – PET-4D

PET-4D Benchtop Thermal Test Station Reading -80 degrees Celsius

Model 8000-2 BIB – Burn in Board Transfer Handler

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Model 802 LID – Label and Ink Dot Application Handler

Exatron’s Model 802 LID Label and Ink Dot Application Handler offers fast, precise application of printed labels or ink dots to devices presented in JEDEC trays. Motorized JEDEC tray carriage …

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Model 923 WLCSP-TT Thermal Test Handler

The Model 923 WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale) Thermal Test Handler tests and laser marks devices as small as 0.8 mm x 0.8 mm with accuracy and efficiency.

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Copperhead Thermal Test Socket

Exatron’s CopperheadĀ® thermal test socket is a production socket specifically designed for exceptional thermal performance. The CopperheadĀ® features a solid copper socket topper, which: Significantly reduces calibration deltas Cuts typical …

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Model 911 WLCSP Program Handler

Exatron's Model 911 linear motor-driven Wafer Level Chip Scale (WLCSP) Program Handler offers high-volume throughput without sacrificing accuracy and without damaging even the smallest devices.Read More »

Model 802 Tabletop Test Handler

Model 802 Table Top Test Handler

The Model 802 Tabletop Test Handler offers full test functionality in a powerful small package. The Exatron Model 802 Tabletop Single Site Test Handler is an automated bench top pick …

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Model 903 QTE (Quad Thermal Engineering) Handler

The Model 903 QTE (Quad Thermal Engineering) is a reliable, economical thermal test handler that mirrors exactly the test functionality of larger production machines. Our innovative docking system ... Read More »

Model 902 Burn-in Board Transfer Handler

902 Burn-in Board Transfer HandlerThe Exatron Model 902 Burn-in Board transfer handler system is designed for fast, efficient transfer of devices from JEDEC trays to burn-in boards and back again. Featuring a unique pickup head which ... Read More »

Model 902 Random Sort Handler

902 Random Sort Handler with Tape Output and Test Option

More effective than a bowl feeder for high mix, low volume applications, the Model 902 Random Sort Handler identifies and sorts assorted bulk devices to output tape or tray.