Machine Vision

Exatron offers integrated vision upgrades for a wide range of systems and applications.

Precision BGA, QFN, and leaded 3D measurementPrecision BGA, QFN, and leaded 3D measurement.

  • On the fly inspections.
  • Flexible and intuitive user interface.

Economical 2D InspectionEconomical 2D Inspection.

  • Custom illumination.
  • Robotic control for precision handling.

Pattern verification and Optical Character RecognitionPattern verification and Optical Character Recognition

  • Latest technology.
  • Custom software solutions.

Smart MarkĀ® laser marker vision upgradeSmart MarkĀ® laser marker vision upgrade

  • Aligns new marks to existing marks on each individual device.
  • Ensures precision marking.

Tape and reel inspectionTape and reel inspection

  • Pin1, orientation, upside down, and out of pocket status.
  • Ensures no empty pockets or improperly seated devices before sealing.

Camera-aided test/program socket alignmentCamera-aided test/program socket alignment

  • Quick and easy calibration.
  • Seamless integration with Exatron software.