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Standard Model 1900-AJT
Standard Model 1900-AJT
Standard Model 1900-AJTModel 1900-AJT Marking CabinetModel 1900-AJT Input/Output StackersModel 1900-AJT with SmartMark ® Vision OptionsModel 1900 Auer Boat Marker with Magazine Input/Output and Pre-Mark InspectionModel 1900 Board Marker with Magazine Input/Output and Pre and Post-Mark InspectionModel 1900 Strip Marker with Elevator Input and Magazine OutputModel 901 JEDEC Tray Marker with Pre and Post-InspectionModel 700 Laser Marker with Bowl Input and Bucket OutputModel 3000B Gravity Feed Handler with Laser MarkerCustom Conveyor Laser Marker - Marks Solar Panels


  • CDRH Class 1.
  • Separate loading and marking cabinets.
  • Trays can be loaded/unloaded without interrupting laser marking.
    - Exatron-built input/output stacker feeds thick, thin, waffle pack, and vacuum-formed JEDEC trays with no mechanical changeover.
  • Holds up to 40 thin JEDEC trays.
  • Automatic laser lift stand or automatic internal focus.
  • 2D bar code reader available.
  • Safety viewing window.
  • Intuitive automation software.
  • Unique marking files for each job.
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame
  • Fully enclosed on all sides, doors electrically and mechanically locked.

Vision Options

Pre-Mark Options:
Exatron Smart Mark® capabilities can include inspections for:

  • Pocket occupation.
  • Device orientation.
  • Precision mark alignment.
  • Add-a-Mark®.
    - Allows alignment of new mark to existing marks.

Post-Mark Options:

  • Laser mark presence and quality check.
  • Optical Character Recognition/Verification.
  • Data matrix read and/or verification.
  • (According to ISO, AIM, and/or SAE standards. Contact Exatron for available options.)