Model 903 QTE (Quad Thermal Engineering) Handler

Model 903 QTE Thermal Test Handler


  • Based on Exatron's popular 900 pick and place handler
  • Thermal test head and quad test site assembly equipped with purge air to prevent frost buildup during cold test
  • Preheat tray with precisor ensures precise pickup for devices as small as 2mm x 2mm
  • 1 single rotating pickup head and 1 quad pickup head powered by high speed, servo motor-driven lead screws
  • Built-in ionizer on pickup head eliminates static on devices before testing
  • 3 color-coded input and reject JEDEC trays
  • Simple, low cost changeover kits (all components fit in a 9" x 12" box)
  • Camera-aided alignment ensures precise changeover
  • Pneumatic lift sytem allows easy handler movement and docking
  • Extensive diagnostics and automated full range temperature calibration software
  • System designed, manufactured, and built in San Jose, CA