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Model 902 with Hot/Cold Test, Preheat Tray, and Ping Pong Pickup Heads
Model 902 with Hot/Cold Test, Preheat Tray, and Ping Pong Pickup Heads
Model 902 with Hot/Cold Test, Preheat Tray, and Ping Pong Pickup HeadsModel 904 with 14 Program Sites, Laser Marking, and Bottom-Side InspectionModel 901 with 8 Test Sites and Tape In/OutModel 902 Hot Test with Preheat Tray and Tube In/OutModel 902 Transfer Handler – Transfers from Tube to Tray and Tray to TubeModel 902 MEMS Hot and Cold Test with Bowl Input, Laser Marking, and Barcode ReaderModel 903 DIP Hot Test HandlerModel 903 Tri-Temp Handler – Three temperature test with one socket insertionModel 904 Test Handler with Top-Side InspectionModel 902-PR Programming Handler with 4 Program Sockets and Tape In/OutModel 905 Test Handler with 32 Test Sites900 Series Gantry and Pickup Head Lead Screws900 Series Tray Carriage Assembly


  • 24"-81" gantry
  • 1-6 JEDEC trays (also fits custom trays as needed)
  • 1-2 Z cars with up to 16 pickup tips each
  • 1-32 test/program sites
  • -55°C – 155°C thermal IC test capability
    - Can perform Hot, Cold, and Ambient tests with one socket insertion.
  • Windows 10 operator GUI
  • Extensive built-in diagnostics software generated in-house at Exatron
  • Job data logs come standard
  • Fully enclosed on all sides, doors electrically and mechanically locked.
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame.
  • CE marked. RoHS compliant. Meets all ESD requirements.



Tape & ReelBulk
Bowl Feeder

Test Interface:

TTL handler portRS-232Ethernet


Pocket occupation
Device orientation
2D/3D lead/ball inspection
1D/2D data matrix read/verification
Top and/or bottom-side vision
Pocket occupation/orientation inspection standard
with output tape

Mark in tray, no additional tooling
Wide selection of OEM laser markers
- Solid-state, fiber, diode, and CO2
CDRH Class 1


  • Standard or customized floor-mount cabinet
  • Hydraulic lift option

Test Site and Contactor:

  • Particle Interconnect test contacts
  • Gerber and photo plots
  • Device guide for Particle Interconnect or pogo pin
  • Pogo pin test sockets
  • DUT boards
  • Air cylinder DUT in test socket clamp assembly
  • Direct dock to Exatron Peregrine Programmer or Exatron open/short testers (all models)
  • Memory test applications - 8 to 16 test sites
  • Large test head docking hardware


X-Y Drive System: Servo motor-driven lead screws
X-Y Axis Resolution: 0.1mm (0.003”)
X-Y Axis Max. Velocity: 122cm/s (48”/s)
Z Plunger: Servo motor-driven lead screws
Z Axis Resolution: +/- 0.1mm (0.003”)
Z Axis Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm (0.003”)
Placement Force: Up to 10kg (20 lbs) force with standard pickup heads
Theta Drive System: Precision stepper motors
Theta Axis Resolution: 0.1°
Theta Axis Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm (0.003")

Power Required: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz (current depends on options)
Air Pressure Required: 80 psi clean dry, air at 5 CFM (typical, add 2 CFM per each venutri added)