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A thermal test head with temperature controls reading -87.7 degrees Celsius
Wide Range Thermal Test Head and Temperature Controls
A thermal test head with temperature controls reading -87.7 degrees CelsiusPET-4D Benchtop Thermal Test Station Reading -80 degrees CelsiusModel 802 thermal test handler with WRTHModel 903 Thermal Test Handler with WRTH, Ping Pong Pickup Heads, and Top Side VisionModel 903 QTE Handler with Quad WRTH and Preheat TrayModel 8000-5DW Dual Tritemp - with Ambient, Hot, and WRTH


  • -55°C to +155°C minimum working range. (-80°C to +175°C hardware capability)
  • +/-0.5°C temperature control.
  • Conduction heating.
  • No fluid required for cold test.
  • Thermal head makes direct contact with DUT and test socket.
  • Type T thermocouple mounted in thermal head.
  • Built-in top side purge air cover.
  • NO FROST BUILDUP during cold testing.
  • Built-in cold source.
  • Built-in resistive AC heaters.
  • Software-controlled temperature, soak time, ramps, and calibration.
  • Easily integrates into new and existing Exatron Pick and Place and Rotary Handlers


Power110/120 VAC or 220/240 VAC, 50/60 HZ

(Specify at time of order.)

Socket Pressure0 to 50/100/150 PSI (Specify at time of order)

Pressure may be manually adjusted or CPU-controlled.

Contact Exatron for details.

Purge AirRequires -100F or less dew point purge air source.

(Sold separately)