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Model 903 QTE Handler with Quad WRTH and Preheat Tray
Model 903 QTE Handler with Quad WRTH and Preheat Tray
Model 903 QTE Handler with Quad WRTH and Preheat TrayModel 903 Thermal Test Handler with WRTH, Ping Pong Pickup Heads, and Top Side VisionModel 902 with Hot/Cold Test, Preheat Tray, and Ping Pong Pickup HeadsModel 901 with 8 Test Sites and Tape In/OutModel 902 Hot Test with Preheat Tray and Tube In/OutModel 902 Transfer Handler – Transfers from Tube to Tray and Tray to TubeModel 902 MEMS Hot and Cold Test with Bowl Input, Laser Marking, and Barcode ReaderModel 903 DIP Hot Test HandlerModel 904 Test Handler with Top-Side InspectionModel 902-PR Programming Handler with 4 Program Sockets and Tape In/OutModel 905 Test Handler with 32 Test Sites900 Series Gantry and Pickup Head Lead Screws900 Series Tray Carriage Assembly


  • 24"-81" gantry
  • 1-6 JEDEC trays (also fits custom trays as needed)
  • 1-2 Z cars with up to 16 pickup tips each
  • 1-32 test/program sites
  • -55°C to +155°C (-80°C to +175°C hardware capability) thermal IC test capability, with Exaton's Wide Range Thermal Head (WRTH)
    - Can perform Hot, Cold, and Ambient tests with one socket insertion.
  • Windows 10 operator GUI
  • Extensive built-in diagnostics software generated in-house at Exatron
  • Job data logs come standard
  • Fully enclosed on all sides, doors electrically and mechanically locked.
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame.
  • CE marked. RoHS compliant. Meets all ESD requirements.



Tape & ReelBulk
Bowl Feeder

Test Interface:

TTL handler portRS-232Ethernet


Pocket occupation
Device orientation
2D/3D lead/ball inspection
1D/2D data matrix read/verification
Top and/or bottom-side vision
Pocket occupation/orientation inspection standard
with output tape

Mark in tray, no additional tooling
Wide selection of OEM laser markers
- Solid-state, fiber, diode, and CO2
CDRH Class 1


  • Standard or customized floor-mount cabinet
  • Hydraulic lift option

Test Site and Contactor:

  • Particle Interconnect test contacts
  • Gerber and photo plots
  • Device guide for Particle Interconnect or pogo pin
  • Pogo pin test sockets
  • DUT boards
  • Air cylinder DUT in test socket clamp assembly
  • Direct dock to Exatron Peregrine Programmer or Exatron open/short testers (all models)
  • Memory test applications - 8 to 16 test sites
  • Large test head docking hardware


X-Y Drive System: Servo motor-driven lead screws*
X-Y Axis Resolution: 0.1mm (0.003”)
X-Y Axis Max. Velocity: 122cm/s (48”/s)
Z Plunger: Servo motor-driven lead screws
Z Axis Resolution: +/- 0.1mm (0.003”)
Z Axis Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm (0.003”)
Placement Force: Up to 10kg (20 lb) force with standard pickup heads
Theta Drive System: Precision stepper motors
Theta Axis Resolution: 0.1°
Theta Axis Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm (0.003")

*Can be built with linear motors and digital encoders for increased precision and speed. Useful for devices smaller  than 2mm x 2mm, and random sort and robotic alignment applications. (Images with blue backgrounds above feature linear motors)

Power Required: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz (current depends on options)
Air Pressure Required: 80 psi clean dry, air at 5 CFM (typical, add 2 CFM per each venutri added)