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Exatron has been in a unique position to supply handling systems for the new CCD device market. Manufacturers of CCD devices came to Exatron when these devices were new, looking for custom handling applications, and Exatron responded by modifying its Model 3000B, 3000BL, 5000, 5080, and 8000 systems to accommodate CCD devices.

Exatron has developed a strong background in CCD handling, including the more unique features of CCD handlers -- unique light-tight CCD test sites, and delicate movements to protect the glass device lids and large die inside those devices.


Insofar as CCD handlers are modified versions of Exatron's standard handlers, the descriptions of those handlers are relevant here. The photos following show various CCD handlers will provide a good overview of the capabilities of Exatron handlers.

Please note the highly customized "boat" handler shown to the right. This custom system moves custom "boats" of devices through a horizontal hot chamber and then into heated test sites. The devices are then picked up off the boats and placed in typical shipping tubes for the output. The metal trays are then recycled through the factory manufacturing process.