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  • Sensor quickly identifies Pin1 corner - alerts operator to improperly rotated, upside down, and damaged parts
  • Intuitive touch - screen interface - easy to setup sensor and edit inspections
  • Sensor integrates seamlessly with Exatron PLC, no additional PC required


  • Simple setup, easy to use
  • Thermal or PSA sealing
  • 8 tube "octo-loader" automatic input feeder
  • Snap on input tube tooling with quick change input track kits
  • Unique tape guide block guarantees proper alignment of carrier and cover tape
  • no micro-adjustments needed -In pocket vision - Pin1, empty/out of pocket, upside down (see reverse)
  • Independent seal head pressure and temperature control
  • Micro terminal for current status, setup, and diagnostics
  • Stand-alone operation, no PC required

NOTE: the specifications and general features are the same as those of the Model 1010 taper.


Optional equipment is the same as that available for the Model 1050, including in-line laser markers, labelling equipment, vision systems, etc.