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Model 902-PR w Two JEDEC Trays, Four Program Sockets, and Tape Input and Output
Model 902-PR w Two JEDEC Trays, Four Program Sockets, and Tape Input and Output
Model 902-PR w Two JEDEC Trays, Four Program Sockets, and Tape Input and OutputModel 902-PR Program Site w Dino-Lite Alignment CameraModel 902 w Four Program Sockets, Laser Marking, Labeler, and Tape Input and OutputModel 902 Program Site with Ping Pong Pickup HeadsModel 904 w Four JEDEC Trays, 14 Program Sites, Laser Marking, and Bottom-Side InspectionModel 904 Program Site and Bottom-Side Camera



  • 1,000 UPH (units per hour) with 10 sec. program time (as shown in Model 902-PR).
    - Special versions can exceed 4,000 UPH with additional test sites.
  • All sockets individually aligned under software control.
  • Camera-aided socket alignment optional.
  • Sockets are opened/closed by Z plunger, no additional processes necessary.


  • Virtually "kit-less."
  • Quick and easy changeover of socket adapters and pickup heads.
  • No mechanical or electrical calibrations required after initial setup.
  • Handles all package sizes 1.6mm x 2.00mm – 75mm x 75mm.
  • Easy to self-service.
  • Unbeatable long-term support.


  • Can be made to fit up to 16 program sockets.
  • Can be made to move up to 16 devices at once
  • Can be made to fit up to 6 standard JEDEC trays.
  • Interfaces with third party programmer of your choice. (See Third Party Programmer Support for more.)
  • Windows 10 operator GUI
  • Extensive built-in diagnostics software generated in-house at Exatron
  • Job data logs come standard
  • Fully enclosed on all sides, doors electrically and mechanically locked.
  • Heavy duty welded steel frame.
  • CE marked. RoHS compliant. Meets all ESD requirements.


X-Y Drive System: Servo motor-driven lead screws
X-Y Axis Resolution: 0.1mm (0.003")
X-Y Axis Max. Velocity: 122cm/s (48"/s)
Z Plunger: Servo motor-driven lead screws
-Fits 1-2 Z plungers, up to 16 pickup tips.
Z Axis Resolution: +/- 0.1mm (0.003")
Z Axis Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm (0.003")
Placement Force: Up to 10kg (20 lbs) force with standard pickup heads
Theta Drive System: Precision stepper motors
Theta Axis Resolution: 0.1°
Theta Axis Repeatability: +/- 0.1mm (0.003")


Required Power: 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz @ 240 Watts
Required Air Pressure: 5.9 bar (85 psi) @ 5 CFM clean, dry air
Operational Temperature: 13-32° C (55-90° F)
Humidity: 35-90% RH non-condensing


An extensive range of input/output, laser marking, machine vision, and serialization options are available. (See Model 902-PR brochure for details.)