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PET-5 Hand Test Work Station

The PET-5 mounts directly to nearly any test head or DUT board and features Exatron's direct contact Wide Range Thermal Head ... Read More »

Model 802 Table Top Test Handler

Model 802 Table Top Test Handler

Full test functionality in a powerful small package. n STARTING AT UNDER $30K. n The Exatron Model 802u00a0Table Top Single Site Test Handler is an automated Pick & Place system …

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Model 903 QTE (Quad Thermal Engineering) Handler

The Model 903 QTE (Quad Thermal Engineering) is a reliable, economical thermal test handler that mirrors exactly the test functionality of larger production machines. Read More »

Model 902 Burn-in Board Transfer Handler (BIB)

902 BIB HandlerThe Exatron Model 902 BIB handler system is designed for fast, efficient transfer of devices from JEDEC trays to burn-in boards and back again. Featuring a unique pickup head which opens/closes ... Read More »

Model 902 Random Sort Handler

902 Random Sort Handler with Tape Output and Test OptionMore effective than a bowl feeder for high mix, low volume applications, the Model 902 Random Sort Handler identifies and sorts assorted bulk devices to output tape or tray. Read More »

PET-4 Hand Test Work Station

PET-4 M Work StationThe next generation of Prototype Engineering Work Stations (PET), designed for the hand testing of individual electronic devices under controlled conditions. Read More »

Wide Range Thermal Head

Unmatched Range Read More »

Model 902-24 Table Top Single Site Test Handler

Available PrecisorSTARTING AT UNDER $30K. Read More »

Model 903 SSTE – (Single Site Thermal Engineering)

The Exatron Model 903 Thermal Test Handler can test up to three different temperatures with one socket insertion. Read More »